Custom Modded LEGO Buggy [60145]

I recently got the LEGO Buggy and really liked the style. It reminds me of the Nikko R/C cars my brother and I had as kids and I wanted to create another racer in the same style. My version is built on the same base, but has a few minor piece changes due to the unavailability of some parts in dark purple. One change is the 4×4 tile on the front of the original which has an ’85’ sticker on it. A modified tile with a stud in the centre was easier to find, so I added a silver single stud round tile to look like a fuel cap. I added some stickers to finish the custom off. I would rather have pad-printed parts on genuine LEGO models, but stickers are great for custom builds. I managed to cut off the left over strip along the edge of a chrome sticker set and used it to create the stripes on the sides and the spoiler. I am still looking for a good number sticker, maybe to go on the black slope behind the seat, in front of the spoiler.