Book Down: The Martian

It’s hard to review this one, even now I wish I was still reading it. I burned through The Martian in about 4 days. I just couldn’t put it down.

The Martian is an excellently written thriller with a story that unfolds gracefully, drip-feeding more tension into the situation with every flashback or scene change. The book is packed with thoughtful considerations about a potential mission to Mars and part of the joy of reading it is how plausible and realistic it all feels – right down to the dodgy music choices of the mission commander. There is a healthy dose of hard science and it’s interesting to read about the way that gases, electronics, etc, behave on Mars. Andy Weir puts human errors due to problem-solving under pressure to fantastic use, ratcheting up the stakes each time you dare to think things, for once, might work out for the hero. This book is amazing, and I can’t wait for Andy Weir to finish his second sci-fi novel, tentatively titled ‘Zhek’.