Book Down: The Fuse Volume 1

Writer: Antony Johnson
Artist: Justin Greenwood
Colorist: Shari Chankhamma
Letterer: Ed Brisson

The Fuse has an endorsement from Wired magazine on the back cover: “Space cops investigating space murders is the sort of synopsis that gets my attention”. This quote got my attention when I picked up the Fuse from my cousin Ollie’s bookcase and, of course, I ended up getting it too.

The Fuse is pretty amazing. A Total Recall-esque city with ‘cablers’ that live in the vents, rather than mutants. It starts with a rookie to the Fuse pairing up with a hardbitten partner who has seen it all. He has to win her over as well as solving the case. So far, so cliched. The rookie is a German and the new partner a Russian (the cultural mash-up that is the future) and as their back stories are slowly revealed, along with lots of other characters, the story really picks up. Really fun detective story with plausible leaps and realistic dialogue.

The art is excellent with a really strong style, but I think it’s the colour that really stands out. The very first panel starts off the beautiful lighting and all the way through the scene changes are matched with colour changes, often tied together across double page spreads. It’s a great technique and really reinforces that you’re in a different scene.

Overall I’ve enjoyed this book because people living on the Fuse feel real and I care about what happens to them. I’ll be ordering the next two volumes on Free Comic Book Day (7th May). I’m really enjoying the recent offerings from Image, and Fuse is right up there with Manhattan Projects and Saga.